Thursday, December 1, 2022

Home Centre and Tahaab Rais go for the win - again!

Tahaab Rais and Home Centre go for the win. Again. You can see their first foray here and other works by Tahaab on these links (here, here, here, and here as examples)

All right a film about "falling in love" - two characters, a man and a woman  Expecting a baby.

A fetal ultrasound, histrionics, psychology books, arguments, making up, sharing food, cravings, deadlines, ambiguity, expectations, "3 months to go", assembling a crib, tension mountings, papers being signed - at this point you'd expect she'd be delivering.

OK I shall not ruin the film which - brilliantly - includes no talk. You understand, or think you do. You are bathed in an ambiance, you delve with the characters, you sympathize with them - all right and you also take sides. You can - in retrospect - understand why her father (or was it his?) going full blast. And you go with the flow expecting the delivery.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, how wrong we were.

Yep, I admit I thought it was just a tearjerker about first-time parents. But no, it was much more.

Please see the credits here. And especially, see the film here.

As the Elvis song goes "only fools rush in but I can't help" - falling in love with this tender film.