Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The brilliant "Emirates Constellation" by Emirates NBD

Straight from the mind of Tahaab Rais from FP7 McCann MENAT who gave us Ramadan Spirit, Stories from Mecca, a dad's job, and Stuck among other jewels, comes a new insta-classic... The Emirates Constellation... An Emirates National Day without boring song and dance? You better believe it... So the UAE is a country that has shaped its way to the top, with nothing but ambition and determination along the way. So, on UAE’s 50th National Day, Emirates NBD celebrates the country, its leadership, its people, and its future, in a way that suits this great nation. "Today, we raise the nation brand of the Emirates to where it deserves to be - among the stars." So says the nicely written text to go along the idea.... And well, now that it's out there, as the French say "il fallait y penser" (one simply had to think about it!).... See the ad here.