Friday, August 6, 2021

Dubai Science Park: Stuck (a superb awareness on paralysis)

How would it feel to be paralyzed?

Dubai Science Park has launched one such ad. At first I thought it was my connection that was broken or "stuck" as is the usual case in Lebanon. Until I realized - this WAS the brilliant film. A frame frozen unable to move (and a repetitive soundtrack that goes on and on on the same beat only emphasizing what you are looking at). The film spearheaded by Tahaab Rais (whose other credentials include Al Mosafer Ramadan Spirit beautiful ad and the criminally under-awarded Stories from Mecca) who was inspired by a personal event whereby his father had a health scare which could have left him paralyzed, Rais extrapolated to what it would be to actually be so. The casting is simply beyond - after seeing 1000 potential actors, the girl who landed the role (Anika) was a perfect fit. Truth be told, there is something childish in her but - I know I must not say so - something haunting as well.

There is a Kafka-esque element to it all - the hospital is chilling, cold, not very welcoming and prohibitive. Exactly, what the ad should convey. Please see the full film here.