Saturday, May 27, 2023

Residency and citizenship by investment exhibition and conference

So - any questions?

Yes, Lebanese are all over themselves trying to obtain a second passport, one that does not require a visa to go to the bathroom as is the case with the Lebanese passport (getting a Schengen visa is so convoluted, one to the United States is even more difficult, and the list goes on!) - please check this link which even if old is still valid (here). So it is only normal for a full exhibition to happen about "Residency and citizenship by investment". 

Currently there is an ad on the streets which advertises a second passport starting 100,000 USD. I know the figure sounds astronomic, but wait till they put you in a glass chamber in front of the whole airport as you land with a valid visa in Europe, for 45 minutes without anyone talking to you from the official security and everyone else at the airport looking at you oddly. Suddenly 100 grand seems acceptable!