Friday, May 26, 2023

Lagoon - what real do we speak of?

Lagoon.... A new brand of hair and body care products. Lagoon seems to suddenly be everywhere on the billboards with their ads - specifically their roll on deodorants. 

Well, I truly and sincerely have no idea about their origin (I am assuming they are local based on this link here) or pricing (logically since they are manufactured locally they ought to be competitively priced but as I mentioned prior a local washing liquid is more expensive than one that was made in Germany which included free additional 1 liter, so I am not even sure of what I am saying any longer!).

Now, on the streets there is a line that goes "reveal the real" - with the roll-on deodorant present with a backdrop of nature. Unfortunately, I am not sure such a line can be applied to deodorants. Because revealing the real in this case, implies the "real body odor" which one uses deodorant to cover! Actually right there on their facebook page there is a line "escape back to nature" which whereas a bit... primary, could fit more to all their product categories - deodorants included (here).