Thursday, May 25, 2023

Beirut capital of Arab media 2023

So Beirut is Capital of Arab Media 2023. Ok, let me go back to what Minister Ziad Makary said in a communique (he is the caretaker minister of Information in the current government), Apparently the ministry is keen to "create a common space between Lebanon and its Arab brethrens, reflecting full, constant and continuous solidarity at the various levels."

A per minister Makari's words: "Lebanon is keen to demonstrate its Arabism through the title “Beirut, Capital of Arab Media,” adding “This title constitutes a challenge amid Lebanon’s difficult political and economic conditions; yet we have accepted this challenge. We will ensure the success of all events that will extend for a whole year.”

To go back to that joke in the sitcom when the man asked his heavily pregnant wife is she wanted a foot massage, to which she replied "this is what got us here in the first place". A bon entendeur salut...
Now, about the ad - it is based on the statue of Martyrs' at the Martyrs' Square in downtown Beirut (by Italian sculptor Marino Mazzacurati) and instead of a torch the statue is holding a microphone (you know to signify the media). I like the line "houna Beirut" - this is Beirut (speaking) - which is how radios used to identify their place of broadcast. I do think the photoshop could have been better with the mike though. But all in all, it does worry me what the "Capital of Arab Media" is supposed to do...
For reference about the Lebanese media check this link here.