Sunday, May 28, 2023

Lebanese International Solar Week Show

I already told you I moved to solar panels - which could have been my smartest decision in the last 4 years (here). The other day some "driveway philosophers" (as called by the wonderful Garrison Keillor) - including myself - gathered on my porch and we started comparing how many panels and batteries each installed, the efficiency of our system, if the participation to the communal generator was kept (mine was not) and apparently I was the only one totally off the grid (meaning not even Electricte du Liban turned on).

But all this to say how rampant solar power has become, and thankfully so. Is it efficient? Yes. Does it need wise use? Yes, especially during the winter storms. Is it money-saving? Despite the initial investment and compared to the obnoxious numbers Electricite du Liban and the generators are charging, yes it is.

Which brings us to the "Lebanese International Solar Week Show" at the Habtoor. I am not sure if a full such an exhibition is required but truth be told, perhaps some people still need converting. Also interestingly, there is no less than 4 different ads on the streets for different battery brands. By batteries I mean those rechargeable entities responsible for fueling your solar panels system.

It does say something when there are so many ads for the same kind of product on the market. And yes, the man who installed my own system is not even coping with demand at this point.