Sunday, April 10, 2022

And so I moved to solar panels!

Up until a few months ago, like any Lebanese, my subscription to the communal generator was still tolerable: Price per Kw was something I could pay. Then all of it a sudden it all went stratospheric. Not only this, now the collection is done bi-monthly and each time I am paying more than I used to pay for the whole month prior. 

Considering I subscribe to the 158 decree of the central bank I only get 2,4 million Lebanese Pounds per month from my bank in cash. With this, and considering many establishments no longer accept banking cards (stemming from the same decree) I needed to pay for medicine for my mother, bills, food and all other items. Which meant that paying 40 to 50% of them for generator which was severely rationed anyhow was no longer an option.

So the other day I paid my generator bill, and was fuming from rage, went to the store to buy a few things and on the way back saw that a neighbor 4 houses above me had installed solar panels - interesting I thought - the man happened to be taking a stroll in front of his house so I asked him about it. Then, 3 houses above mine, they had also solar panels. As luck would have it the man was also outside of the house and I also spoke to him. Both gave me the same reference.

I reached home, immediately phoned him and he said he'd visit me in an hour. 60 minutes on the dot later he was here. Which bode for a good beginning as I am very punctual myself. The man turned out to be huge, he has large clients not only in Lebanon and had concurrent chantiers happening all over. We had agreed for 3 days on work - one for electricity, 2 for the installation of the panels and all that.

Material was supposed to reach me on a Saturday, then Friday - boom - everything was delivered ahead of schedule. And then instead of three days, the man unleashed his entire team and between 9 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. about 8 people worked diligently like a very well-oiled machine brining their own generator for electricity.

Let me be honest people, you are reading a very satisfied customer. You know this blog does not under any way accept advertising but if you need a very good supplier for your sun panels - drop my name to Charbel Barakat (you can reach him locally on 71-123712)