Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Elections 2022: Michel el Murr, no, no, the other one.

So Michel El Murr is up for the elections. OK, I know this sounds confusing, but considering Michel El Murr was a fixture in Lebanese politics (until his influence dwindled, and he passed away), and seeing his son Elias did not want to carry the mantle (though he did for a while, and then he was severely wounded after an explosion targeted him), now comes the third generation - the "new" (not sure improved though) Michel El Murr. 

So voila, drowned in generics, the campaign does wink to all those who - for many, many, many years elected his grandfather (whose name he carries) with the line "in loyalty to the ones who were loyal" (considering his grandfather mentioned "the loyal Metn" - Metn being the region he is running in - several times in his campaigns), and "on board of loyalty, we progress and continue" (interestingly this is a name-play as "on board" in Arabic is "3ala metn" - ironically another list is using the same word play). 

All of this of course comes with no direct or visible program - but does he need one when he rides on such a name?