Monday, April 10, 2023

Searene (Dusky) - a beautiful name for a unique tan

Oh I love that name. Sure sure it is a mix of Franco-English but who cares?

Searene - or a mix between "sirene" (mermaid) and sea. Tadam! Oh and it promises the darkest tan in one day - which I presume is important enought to make it a selling line (is it a selling line?) for the brand. There is also a Dusky as well in the name it seems.

Well, the ads are too few and in between truth be told, and they center more around the area near Jounieh (meaning not in Beirut) because it seems they are manufactured in the Ghazir industrial zone, but still, this is a very good name for a brand and well, again, I guess a good promise for it. Now if you want to learn more about it go here.