Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Purpl - #ExpectTheExpected

First, please check their website here. So with Lebanon becoming a cash economy, with people have little to no faith in banks at this point and those who already have accounts have sought ways to empty them or cash them out or are in the process of doing so (to varying degrees of success, the smaller the account the easier one can do that and the bigger the account the more complicated the issue), and with Western Union and OMT basically making a killing, Purpl is looking for its share of the pie.
OK so the process is a bit convoluted, read it here, but since this is physical and tangible money we are speaking of, and since fraud is to be eliminated I guess one has to go through many steps to establish an account and eventually send/receive money via the app (which can be cashed out at ATM points).
I do like the #ExpectTheExpected to be honest, because it riffs on the "expected" money but also on the fact that one gets their due as it was sent (which if I understood correctly from a different ad this is what was to happen).
Again, with everyone trying to avoid banks, Purpl colors us red in envy.