Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Taj goes on the triple kitchen offensive

Taj is establishing itself as the kitchen brand if you are to believe their triple onslaught of outdoor blitz. OK, first the soup which is supposed to be be "atyab soup bi souk" (soup and souk are supposed to sort of rhyme - that was lame though truth be told), then you have the basmati rice and eventually the cream (or ashta) in Arabic.

The ads are not exactly super creative, but what is interesting is that the campaign is so ginormous it appears on every other billboard in town. Considering it is three different products, one sees the logo everywhere. Interestingly there's nothing "campaignish" about the visuals - they do not resemble each other or follow any kind of pattern visually or conceptually, but being concurrent in the market gives them an air of "unification".