Thursday, April 20, 2023

Najjar Raqwa goes double

I spoke about Najjar Raqwa long ago (here), and well, whereas the ad here is a bit old (because the ad on that OOH gets changes very very infrequently), it is still interesting that Raqwa went double.

So basically, the idea is that the machine produces two cups of coffee instead of one. In a stressful country like Lebanon, I will have both thank you. Joking aside, I always thought Najjar Raqwa (Najjar being known for their ground coffee brand, a ubiquitous product in the Middle East) would be a hit actually. Now of course, with all companies downsizing on expenses, offering free coffee is a thing of the past at this point (yes, all perks are now being taken off from many work places mind you, understandable, when you see how much companies want to really save on all fronts with remote working of course, also changing this idea of gossiping around the coffee machine).

The ad markets the coffee - or double coffee - as a "sobhiye" which is the morning meeting time between friends, family members and - sometimes - colleagues. 

Still, it Raqwa went double it means the single coffee-making  machine was indeed a hit. Which is a good news. As I said, the previous iterations of the machine which included cappuccino and what not produced excellent Arabic coffee. So no doubt Najjar Raqwa does too.