Saturday, April 15, 2023

BeitMoune - am ambivalent about their selling line.

Sometimes you give extra grades for the effort. Even if you are not in love with the result.

Case in point BeitMoune.

Moune in case you do not know are homemade products you stock up for the winter time, and Beit means house. So this is a brand of homemade items - such brands are quite rampant in Lebanon and procure a wide variety of products. 

Which brings us to its selling line - bitmoune madame.

Bitmoune is Arabic for "your only have to wish" and of course it is very close in language to "BeitMoune"... Hence the appreciation to the effort. But also the "hmmmm, I am not really convinced". I really know that if this came my way during such an excercise at university I'd be like "keep it as an option but come out with something better" because sometimes what works on instinct might not be the best option there is in the market.

I feel they settled too early. Yes, there was effort injected in all the branding - but not enough for me to be wowed.