Friday, April 14, 2023

Are electric cars starting off in Lebanon

Well, this is the country that gets about 1 hour of state electricity a day, where many households rely on the communal generators people are part of, where an increasing number of households (including mine - here) have switched to solar power. But hey, it was only a matter of time before electric cars made their way.
The issue? How do you plug and recharge the car where no such stations exist in Lebanon! Let me clear - no such stations exist, none whatsoever. And still, there are now ads for a company renting electric cars and another agency selling them (not sure if they are connected or if one bought from the other), but long story story it is baffling because any drop in energy while you are on the road means you cannot recharge unless you go back to the base (wherever that is!).
As someone who for a long time really spoke about the environment and all, I know that relying on fossil fuels is not healthy (I myself do not own a car and yesterday spent a very long day in town but still took all forms of public transport, in addition to walking and all that). But I must say that electric cars in Lebanon leaves me a bit skeptical as to the practicality of it.