Thursday, April 27, 2023

Lux supports women empowerment with Lynn Acra (by way of graffiti)

For someone who has been interested in the graffiti movement for a long time - let me tell you a secret: Graffiti crews would "ornament" their teams with women because police would not harass women, or fine them or what not. Not for their artistic prouesse or anything or the sort.

Lux, however, has joined the women empowerment movement precisely by finding a wonderful graffiti artist by the name of Lynn Acra. The issue? Miss Acra did not want anyone to judge her by merit of her gender - but rather by her artistic talents (which overflow aplenty!). 

I know there is a long way to go, but if Miss Acra is any indicator, she can hold her own next to any male graffiti artist. What's her superpower she asks in the ad? Well, she's a woman obviously. Lux hits the mark here and major props to the copy which suavely integrates "tamiyiz" (differentiation/discrimination) with "tamayoz" (brilliance/excellence).

Apparently there are 7 influencers on board of the campaign and opinion leaders (in the Arab world at large) will bring in their own experiences of sexism. Please watch the segment (here). Another brilliant move from Pimo (after their great jobs here and here)