Saturday, March 25, 2023

So, about the Heinz x Absolut pasta sauce

So there is it, everybody is doing it, so why can't I?

Everyone is - and rightly so - speaking about the Heinz x Absolut vodka pasta sauce. In case you can log to this link here, you'll get all the info. Well Heinz is fresh from the triumph that even AI understands Ketchup as its own distinctive branding (here) or that in 2021 when people were asked to draw ketchup it invariably was Heinz that was drawn (here). 

Well, Heinz admits it is late to the game, but well, they did catch up indeed offering all kinds of pasta alla vodka, as well as cocktail recipes and the list continues. The ads above by Wunderman Thompson Spain were inspired by 80s Absolut vodka ads - and before anyone says anything, no I could not locate the originals for all my research. I mean yes, it is obvious they resemble classic Absolut ads from the heyday but also I could not locate which.

Now considering I am very biased towards old ads I find these speak to me personally, and yes I like the retro element in them (you might like these links as well - herehere or some fine samples here), which go back to the time when to misquote that Smirnoff ad which I cannot find anywhere "the bottle was more important than the vodka" but I guess I am doing the cardinal sin here of mentioning a competitor...