Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Piaget, the 1988 ad that whispers rather than shouts.

I miss those days. Heck I miss 2012 - back when, you are not going to believe it - but D&G came up with their last collection before shuttering their brand (and incorporating it in the mother company Dolce & Gabbana) with that spectacular show (here).

But no, this is earlier, much earlier - 1988 to be specific. "Magazine" - yes, the Lebanese publication (here) and no, we did not buy it (Sylvie, our neighbor's friend, whose husband was a dentist (Sylvie's husband not our neighbor's haha!) gave them to us) and in them that gem of an ad.


All right, truth be told I had never heard of the brand prior. But that ad, a small rectangle at the bottom of a page (on the right) arrested me. "La plus belle facon de porter une Piaget c'est de n'en rien montrer" - the most beautiful way to wear a Piaget is not to show anything.

Actually the ad I saw must be from the same campaign because it was of a man and a woman drinking champagne and - you guessed it not showing their Piaget. Because, unlike certain "other brands" (here's looking at you Rolex!) this is not for the show. But more the appreciation. The self-appreciation to begin with.

In an era where "the wheel that squeaks gets the grease" where everything is a shouting match and everyone is out there out-screaming one another, it is a comfort to know there was a time where whispering won out the shouting - this advertising being the ultimate proof.