Thursday, March 23, 2023

Lebanon beats Afghanistan, manages what the US and the USSR could not do.

So here's another exploit to add to Lebanon's long list (from being "the Switzerland of the Middle East" to having had a "Golden age" both fallacies and myths). We beat Afghanistan.

The USSR tried to, the US tried to. Both fled eventually. But us, intrepid Lebanese, there's nothing to daunt us. "Oh so you want Afghanistan beat? Sure, we're the one to do it"... Now before I go on in my veiled talk let me explain what I am speaking of: In the world's happiness index we came in the 136th position, while Afghanistan came 137th. Yes, not much to write home about, but how else to talk about this dismal result.

136th position is before the last in the region, you know Yemen had it much worse than ours this year. And way, way far the crown clinched by Finland - the happiest nation in the world. Little surprise we ended up at the 136th position what's with all the crisis we encounter on a daily basis in Lebanon. The only positive element is that filmmaker Vivek Agnihorti from India suggested that Western nations would come at the bottom (here) if the index was judged upon "how many days they ate with their family and if they can depend on their family for a lifetime".

Sure one can legitimately question certain aspects of the report. Example - in the question if one has given to a charity in the past month - is a notion very "West-centered", in other countries it can be done much differently, a neighbor giving something to another - a dish, a home-made syrup bottle, because what is considered "community" is very different as a notion.

This being said, if Finland wants me to try to convince them about community-building via homemade syrup, you know where to reach me. After all, I come from the proud nation that beat Afghanistan.