Wednesday, March 22, 2023 - or what not to do on Mother's Day

Mother's Day came and went and as is the tradition ever since the markets crashed in Lebanon, it created nothing but a whimper. Which is why anyone who did not "just-paste-a-flower-and-say-love-you-mom" got noticed. Sadly got noticed - but to me for all the wrong reasons (here).

Well, some jokes work. Some land with a thud. Guess which one this one falls into? Well if it took me all day to write this it's because I kept mulling it in my head - what if this is funny and I missed the joke? But every time I looked at it, the ad irritated it me further. In case you do not know, MILF is Mother I'd Like to F***. But ahem, the ad turned it into "Mother I Love Forever". Look I know I might sound too "woke" from my part... But damn it, this isn't funny and the ad does not work.

There. I said it.