Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Pepsi has a new logo (again) - except this one works.

Well, here we are - again - Pepsi has a new logo (you realize we never say that about Coca-Cola).

But still, this one actually works. The 2008 redesign was - how can one say it without offending anyone - quite "effeminate" (although apparently it was supposed to show a smile). It lacked the presence and the boldness and the umph.... This one - with its throwback colors but also black central element - is a child of the older 1950 logo (and apparently used till 1986) except that, and this according to Pepsi execs, the black color that centers the logo is a commitment to Pepsi Zero. 

Whatever the rationale, it is not that people will switch in affinities between Coca-Cola and Pepsi (not that we have a choice in Lebanon, Coca-Cola has left the market outright - see here), but at least - at least - we got the logo we deserved as a continuation of the older generation which was rolled prior.

Now, I do wish Pepsi would - like their archrival - would stop with the chronic rebranding and settle on one identity. This new one they came up with is indeed lovely, why not keep it?