Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Kit Kat - have an Iftar, have a break.

All right, marketing never takes a break. Not even Kit Kat chocolate marketing.

So here's the idea, the chocolate just launched a 30 bar item for each day of the Ramadan month calling it iftar bar. Now in case you are not good in Arabic "bar" could also mean "holy" or "clean" or "blessed", but I do not think the marketing team went that far.

Now, is Kit Kat usually associated with Iftar or any of its rituals? No. Oddly, another chocolate is - Ferrero Rocher! Ferrero Rocher did establish itself as being the chocolate that one brings when invited to an Iftar, but let's face it, the bar is too high for Kit Kat (no puns!).

Still, once you forget the missing link, the gimmick of 30 bars for each day is sort of nice. Not too logical, but cute.