Monday, February 13, 2023

Yokohama Tire and Roads For Life team up with "Shrine Saviors"

Yokohama Tire has teamed up with Roads For Life in a new interesting mission.

First the facts. When anyone has a deadly car crash on those mountainous Lebanese roads, it is a tradition for the family to establish a shrine there. This text comes from the film accompanying the launch (here): "Our unlit roads are taking thousands of victims’ lives due to traffic accidents that could’ve been avoided. We launched a simple initiative, hooking solar panels to shrines, lighting up the spots commemorating the victims at night, transforming these roads of death, to roads for life."

Of course, all of this is just too praise-worthy. I myself has a very treacherous road that leads to my village filled with such shrines - youngsters either driving badly, or not seeing the road, or imbued with alcohol etc.... Apparently Lebanon has the highest rate of death per capita in road accidents at this point in the world.

However here's the disturbing though. If you add this to what Tide did earlier in Beirut (here) all of this means that we are now relying on private initiatives to fill in where the government work should have been done - lighting up the streets of its citizens.

All of this is both, encouraging and deflating at once.