Sunday, February 5, 2023

And yet, it is Sunday

February 5h, artwork by Tarek Chemaly

And it is Sunday.

Today I don't feel like writing about advertising - most of it bad or silly or superfluous anyhow.

I don't feel like writing about Lebanon, which - believe it or not - at this point is bad or silly or superfluous anyhow.

And yet it is a Sunday, a stormy Sunday. From my office where I write this on an orange retro metal desk from the 50s or the 60s, my back porch shoes nothing but misty rain falling, unrelenting, unstoppable, in the country's first major storm of 2023. Is the house cold? Yes. So am wearing a beanie indoors. Our house help an overcoat, and mother in her bed because it is the most heat controlled place in the house.

The sky is overcast and pregnant.

As I said, I have all reasons to write bad and awful things. But a feeling of - pace of mind envelops me.

Not happiness, happiness is too fleeting, too circumstantial.

Peace of mind is different. "We all did mistakes" told me Jihad Hokayem (yes, that Jihad) when I explained to him how much I keep kicking myself for still losing all my money despite all the precautions I took. I think the reason why it was the start of my healing (knowing how hard I am on myself) because of all the empathy he injected in the sentence. 

By the way, when someone tells me "yes, but everyone lost their money" I literally roll my eyes (here). But today is not a time for worries. I am indoors, wearing a beanie, calculating the amount I can spend from my solar panels (here) because mother's hairdresser will drop by tomorrow and the system needs to be full.

Today is a Sunday. And it's a day for peace of mind.