Saturday, February 4, 2023

Aïla chocolate - a new kid in town

So there's a new chocolate in town! Aïla - yes with a ï rather than an i.

The campaign on OOH is humongous and covers almost all the coast. Which is interesting because it means their production is a serious affair. They even have a website - which of course ditched the ï in favor of an i - here.

It is a local made-in-Lebanon product which thankfully is a trend which is picking up as of late. I did not get to taste the chocolate yet, though there is a sugar-free version as I am diabetic. Their website is clear as to the presence of 7 different varieties along with 2 block options.

The ad itself says "a new love" simply to indicate the novelty and the taste. Even if I am told the chocolate has been present in the market for at least two years. Price wise I discovered it is sold at around 28,000 (at least by today's prices - here) for its 40 grams version.