Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Tiffany & Co teams up with Nike for a cringe collaboration

I have spoken about the new Tiffany & Co before (here).

The good news? Post LVMH acquisition Tiffany & Co saw its valuation climb by a billion, the bad news? The Tiffany and Nike collab - you never knew you needed and judging by the photos you certainly did not want.

"Cringe" has a new lower bar. There, I said it.

OK, Dior did an Air Jordan, and Louis Vuitton shattered auction records with their Nike (late) Virgil Abloh collabs, and luxury brands are going full ape for collabs with sports brands. So it's nothing new.

But honestly, as they say in French - "tout ca pour ca" (all this for this).

In the photos above basketball superstar LeBron James is seen wearing the shoes, and what seems to be a jacket (still no word is this is a limited offering for friends and family, or one-off, or something Kanye West might have "designed" so much it is - to go back to the word again - cringe).

Now the shoes. Yes, what about the shoes? Nothing to write home about yet here I am writing a full blog post about them. Seriously, if this is what they were able to come up with, I honestly wonder why bother inject the effort. Truth be told I am wondering if any effort at all was injected in this.

When Fendi did their baguette with Tiffany, they came up with something truly beyond. But then Nike is certainly not Fendi. And now I am wondering if Tiffany is Tiffany. But hey, they said it themselves "not your mother's Tiffany", it's your LeBron James' Tiffany. 

Heaven help us.