Friday, January 27, 2023

Beirut Beer finally a grown-up positioning

Way back in 2017 I wished Beirut Beer would... just grow out of the shadow of Almaza (here). In 2022 it almost did (here). Could 2023 bring us the shift the Beirut Beer actually deserves? Apparently there is hope.

Their latest ad, again in Dora, which is literally a stone's throw from the Almaza factory marks a serious move. A grown-up one. How so? It goes in Arabic "ma bada 7aki" - which means "it needs no talking" but figuratively "it goes without saying". But as De Gaulle said "it goes without saying, but it goes better saying it" so did Beirut Beer. By "not saying anything" they finally said a lot, a lot that is not related to their main competitor, and words (or lack of thereof) that actually make the brand suddenly... have its own positioning, its own legs and its own "pair".

How tis will go further into the future I know not, but I do see it as a major selling line proposition (caugh, ahem!) whereby this will become the solid signature of the brand, a brand which sadly stayed too long in the shadows.