Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Beirut Beer finally markets itself with its own merits (sort of).

I said it before in 2017 (see here), that it would be lovely for Beirut Beer to go out of the shadow of Almaza and stop its positioning as "anti"(leading brand in the market) and market itself with on its own merits. Their current campaign perhaps answers my thoughts. Sort of.

"We don't apply coats of paint" (meaning "spice stories artificially"), "our lettuce does not grow" (meaning "we don't get over ourselves"), "our feather does not show" (meaning "we don't brag") - all three half ads drive home the point that basically they say things as they are, and then the other half ad is "our beer doesn't bloat".

Which, if we go back to the beginning is exactly them marketing their own beer according to their own merit. Except of course, they had to - implicitly - compare it to Almaza (about the ego trip). But hey, baby steps, after so many years doing nothing but comparing, it seems there is hope after all.