Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The Dutch Salvation Army focuses on homelessness by taking a page from Balenciaga's book.

From the website "Truly Destroyed" - The Salvation Army (The Netherlands)
Luxury fashion house Balenciaga recently launched its Paris Sneaker collection, which featured 100 pairs of limited-edition ‘fully destroyed’ sneakers that cost $1,850 (you can see the pairs here). As soon as the photos of the items were shown, many people were up in arms. Rich people masquerading as "poor" was the epitome of uncool, in addition glamorizing visible signs of lacking money, or - worse - appropriating such signs truly does little to appease social socio-economic disparity.
A less destroyed version of the Balenciaga sneakers, a so-called prêt-à-porter version which cost, only, $625 caused quite a stir on social media.
Inspired by Balenciaga, The Dutch Salvation is launching Truly Destroyed: a website which in showcases limited edition shoes which have been worn out for years by people living on the streets, giving them a worn out aspect that is not treated, but as real as their life conditions. Each pair of truly lived-in shoes is unique and comes in the shoe size of the homeless person who wore them, together with a product description that gives insight on how the shoes got to their truly destroyed state.
At the moment, there are 32,000 homeless people in the Netherlands. Well known Dutch fashion photographer Carli Hermès shot the real destroyed shoes for the Truly Destroyed website. And the whole campaign was spearheaded by Cloudfactory in Amsterdam.