Thursday, June 2, 2022

Aishti is back via Lake Como

Aishti - the country's most luxurious retailer - is on the streets. Several billboards indicate it. Sure, it's online is a little in disarray (on its website, fashion is in 2021 - look here - and its facebook is only used to announce online shop updates - here - but the focus seems to be on its Instagram page which is chronically updated - here). For a long time, Aishti has used the services of &Walsh which veered it towards a surrealistic territory (see here).

Aishti has a new campaign - one that was shot at The Grand Hotel Termezzo, Lake Como in Italy - and it goes back to practically the beginning. Long gone is the conceptual work, instead, we have models parading clothes in dreamy settings. Just to note, there's nothing wrong with that. Basically all upscale retailers use this technique.

So here we are, in the messy post-election world, some billboards are now focused on luxurious summer dressing. And you know, it is kind of refreshing to see beautiful women and handsome men in Italy (on Riva boats) all dressed up (while we have nowhere to go).