Saturday, November 3, 2018

Will Beirut Beer ever make sense?

Will Beirut Beer ever make sense? I am talking of their ads such as (this) and (this). Do note, the copy is not too shabby however, it is the transition from the scenes to what is supposed to be the concept that makes the ads so difficult to swallow as it feels the ads are - erm - detached in terms of where the creative idea is to lead. 
The "fir wa2t ma elo ta3me w fi wa2t elo ta3me" - which is supposed to be a double endendre "wa2t elo ta3me" can mean "meaningful time" and "has taste" does not drive home the point. Then we arrive to the meh selling line which is "sar wa2ta" that basically is anti-Almaza (a positioning that drives me mad as this means the Beirut Beer brand has no intrinsic feature) - the line translates as "now is its time" or "now is the time to switch".... 
I just wish Beirut Beer would just pull itself out of the shadow of Almaza and find what really makes it special - or not special.