Monday, November 5, 2018

Kharouf - eat while enjoying funny copywriting

So nothing wrong eating while enjoying the packaging! The proof is in the (wrapping) of the pudding. Case in point, Kharouf! With such lovely copywriting wrapping its items.
"3arous bint halal" - 3arous is both "sandwich" and "bride", so pick her from a good family.
"m2atta3 mwassal" - chopped in pieces to make a whole. A local expresion which is about someone who has been places in life. Oh and do note the wink in halal too (also bint halal is someone who comes from a reputable family).
"3amel el 6 w demmeta" is a twist of the expression "he's done the 7 and more" (i.e. someone who has done all the nasty things and then some). In this context it refers to the meat being slow roasted for 6 hours.
Apparently this is the work of Milk Creative. So good for them!
So, any questions?
Lovely inside out (pun intended).