Tuesday, December 20, 2022

So how bad is Balenciaga doing post-crisis?

Remember how recently Balenciaga was in crisis mode?

You do? Or maybe you don't as yesterday's news is.... Yesterday's news.

Which, in a way, it is.

Remember how everyone was up in arms boycotting Balenciaga (which normally they could not afford anyhow). And how everyone vowed not to buy from them (as if they could afford their products), and - never mind - a quick search on major online retailers such as Net-a-Porter, its male equivalent Mr. Porter, Seense and so on reveals.... tadam:

Their new collection which has been just dropped, and which has items at 500, 1000 Dollars and full-sticker priced items is... selling like hot cookies. Sure the xs sizes are still there, but - make no mistake - the usual sizes for men (medium, large etc...) have all but vanished from the online pages.

What does this mean? This means that the core luxury consumer is immune to such "kiddie games" (sorry, bad pun!) as online trolls wanting to boycott a brand out of their reach, the same way Gen Z was aware of what Uber treating its drivers badly but still wanted to take be a customer of theirs. 

So how is Balenciaga doing? Fine thank you very much. All that brouhahah was nothing.