Monday, December 19, 2022

ecom48 - sustainable luxury for the well-to-do

For some odd reason I was targeted with an ad for ecom48. Perhaps they knew I was an environmentalist even before the word. Interesting considering I was speaking about the environment long before it became a trend to do so (my first conference dates back to 1995!). Still, ecom48 promises to be an ecosystem all to its own. Heck, it even promises a free 2023 electric Wolkswagen for every villa (that's 48 villas as the name implies and eco is for ecology and m for "mustaqbal" or future in Arabic - in case you want to dissect the name).
I think there is a mistake in the website - on the free VW section the title reads "this is the heading" which presumably should have been something else. The villas however offer the usual amalgam of eco options - composting cans, solar panels, biophilic design, solar water heaters, charging stations (yes, for the VW!), an organic garden, waste water recycling, ... Yet oddly it also offers a shooting range and a private pool for every villa? Which I believe are a bit against the concept.
Do note that the villas are not for your average "Dwell" magazine reader (which I am) - in case you do not know, Dwell is focused on all those microhousing, off-the-grid places or completely reusing materials kind of projects (turning a shed into a mixed housing or such projects for example).
 So who is the target audience for such villas? Well-to-do families wishing to invest their hoarded Dollars into a new real estate. The villas are located in Ouyoun Broumana and are supposed to be part of a gated community. Again, not your run-of-the-mill eco housing, but am sure it is targeted to a specific audience.