Thursday, November 24, 2022

Socks Factory excels in its World Cup ad

Ah did Socks Factory actually ace its World Cup ad?

My suspicion is that it did....

From a simple idea - advertise the passion for football rather than the product itself - the brand distinguishes itself with a stellar copy, a visual that does not throw shade on the concept and a minimal "product" presence (which obviously IS there!).

OK, before I go further please do watch the ad here.

Now, to go back to the genius of the copy which was neither simple nor overdone, there is also that element of a child putting on his cleats, who then morphs into the adult. The genius? Under the cleats are the ubiquitous socks which are actually the whole purpose of the ad.

But as I said, the ad puts focus somewhere else - on the game itself. Which "is not a hobby" it emphasizes but a "lifestyle"... And you know lifestyles are meant to be shared with the children - which brings us to the coup de grace - the man IS sharing it with his child... Who happens to be a girl.