Wednesday, November 23, 2022

RDCL spells independence and sells it short

When Prada -  yes, that Prada - did its "acronyms" campaign, basically everyone thought it was too basic for such a respected house and coming from such a luminaire as Miuccia Prada. Well, what do you know? RDCL has spelled Independence (Integrity/ Neutrality/ Decentralization/ Ethics/ Productivity/ Entrepreneurship/ Nature/ Dignity/ Energy/ Nationalism/ Coexistence/ Excellence) into separate words which are frankly too.... boring because basic and generic. The problem? It's that the denouement of the ad is actually quite decent: Independence is not a single word, independence is not a single day, independence is a constant journey giving justic to common values for a better future. Which is very good copy - except that it had to come after the less-than-interesting beginning sadly.