Friday, November 25, 2022

Abaad comes up with a new rape awareness ad

Abaad comes with another rape ad.


Well, sadly I have said it before that Abaad (and Kafa - bot NGOs battling for women's rights) have gone too close to over-exposure (please read here) with Abaad almost getting the message correct in 2021 (here).Their ad this year means that there are still women being raped, harassed, subjected to violence, etc... which is bad news indeed. The only positive news is that they managed to do the ad prior to December and not very close to Christmas as is their usual timing.

And as usual there is a tag - for social media of course - to do along with it: لا_عرض_ولا_عار which sort of translates into "neither dignity nor shame" - "dignity" because one of the major causes of rape not being reported is how all this reflects on the dignity of the girl (and in extenso her family) because of the "shame" it brings them (if you read between the lines it's because her "fault" she got raped, as implicitly it is her who "seduced" him to do what he has done - yes, it is never his fault).

Long story short, it is sad Abaad has to do another ad - yearly - for rape reporting or prevention or awareness. But also and this is what worries me, say a woman goes and reports a rape... Isn't she going to be mocked by the agents who are taking her report, isn't she going to be subjected to harassments because it was her who gave him the wrong signals, who was wearing the seductive clothing, who had loose morals.... 

Which brings us to this 2018 Abaad ad...