Thursday, November 25, 2021

Abaad - for once gets the message (almost) right

Well, I spoke previously how associations that struggle for women's defense were at the verge of over-exposure (see here). For a long time these associations offered the same message with a slight variant. This time around Abaad gets the message (almost) right (will explain the almost below). The ad starts innocently with a woman saying that the prices of good are increasing astronomically. Suddenly, I was attracted to the ad. Then comes the punch "and the number of abuse victims is even more frightening" - the woman is then gently but decisively pulled by her male partner. What follows is a good ad about women's lack of safety anywhere from streets, to the house, to the bathroom. Now, here comes my small gripe, the whole campaign is lead by the #دايما_وقتها (it's always the right time, implicitly, for women's protection). But right before that tag there was a beautiful line that wrapped the ad "بالاولوية ما في افضلية" ("When it comes to priority, there is no priority" in the ad sadly translated as "when it comes to priority, there no one to be favored"). The ad can be seen here.