Friday, November 26, 2021

Salama cracks domestic violence on its head!

Could Salama have done what Abaad and Kafa have tried to do for a long time but kind of failed? (see here) - what Salama did was flip the scenario on its tail. Instead of the woman going "oh poor me my husband is violent" she actually goes the opposite way and is proud of her marital life. "Marriage is one long never-ending honeymoon" - and then she starts defending him that he is stressed which is why he swears at her, but "look at what he offered me four months ago" (as she points to her earring). Then eventually we build up to masterstroke of leading line "العنف المنزلي عادة مش عادي" (domestic violence is a habit not something normal - since the "3adi" is pronounced the same in Arabic). See the beautiful ad here.