Saturday, November 27, 2021

Aishti, the first TVC

Whereas lately I asked if this could be the first print ad for Aishti (here), now we have - for sure - the first Aishti TV commercial. The ad was done by (then) Saatchi & Saatchi which had later been rebaptized M&C Saatchi MENA. Of course I assume you know Aishti is the country's premium luxury retailer representing many many upper tier brands. So the ad had to be sophisticated, well-done, inspiring for upper classes, and so on. It fits the purpose indeed, but let us be honest as well, it also dates back to 1997 and well, by now it is incredibly dated. I know, most luxury ads are dated. But, some date much more badly than others. To begin with, Aishti shed its "Lebanese" connotations since - whereas the ad is stuffed with them. Now, maybe the luxury ads are not supposed to have a strong concept, but even with a very simple concept this kind of ad (beautiful woman being followed by the city's men) was done elsewhere and much better (see here for an exquisite example). Since then Aishti came a long way. See the ad here