Monday, November 22, 2021

Lebanon: Generic medicine to the rescue

Now this is very interesting, yesterday, as I was at my very competent pharmacist I noticed a new ad written just next to her counter. "The pharmacist is the most knowledgeable in medicines. In light of many medicines not being present in the Lebanese market do not hesitate to consult with the pharmacist to get an alternative medicine with the same formula and content and at a lower price". Please note "alternative medicine" does not refer to any practice outside the known formal medicinal or pharmaceutical ones, but it rather implies "generic medicine" as opposed to more established usual brand names which we previously used as a population. Mind you, with subsidization of medicines being ended very briskly, and with many companies charging exorbitant amounts to ship medicines from Turkey (brand name medicines that is), suddenly generic medicines are creeping up the ladder in Lebanon. As a diabetic, I need to take three medicines daily, one of them ceased to exist in the market, so I am taking a locally produced alternative - as the ad said: Pharmacist recommended it, same formula, content, and even if pricey as the meds for chronic diseases have quadrupled in price, still much cheaper than the not-present original alternative.