Saturday, November 20, 2021

Is Spinneys even living in Lebanon this independence day?

So Spinneys supermarket released their independence day ad. I physically winced from pain (or perhaps was it embarrassment?) on behalf of whomever came up, approved, and otherwise broadcasted this piece that:

1- has no relation to truth whatsoever

2- brags about the lowest-common denominators

3- has a copy that is beyond appalling

4- targets some target audience which I have no clue who it is.

Honestly, the ad, the timing, the whole idea is beyond the pale. In French they say "vous avez manque une occasion de vous taire" - you missed an opportunity to shut up. 

Dear Spinneys - or its advertising agency - please look around you.  And someone tell whomever did this ad - this is no longer 1995. The atrocity can be watched here.