Friday, November 19, 2021

Bouygues x Johnny Hallyday for Christmas.

Bouygues, wanted you to be closer to what you love, so this Christmas, it reached out to (now already dead for since December 5, 2017) French star Johnny Hallyday and one of his mainstay hits "la musique que j'aime" (the music that I love). The film starts with a small girl and her father strumming the song as she sings it. And then all the (real) die hard hard fans start to pitch in. The message of course is for music to take center stage and for these people to just join in with this fantastic bonds than only music lovers can share. Stephane Xiberras, President and Chief Creative Officer of BETC, says: "Through the years, music has become a key part of Bouygues Telecom's ad campaigns, especially at Christmas. This time, the music becomes the main actor, with the help of Johnny Hallyday, to express the joy of being brought back together." Hallyday is the gift that keeps on giving even after his death. Watch the film here.