Thursday, November 18, 2021

That Lacoste ad from the 80s in Lebanon

Before the words "activation", "topical advertising" and whatever other labels were created and used... Please appreciate this advertising gem from 80s in Lebanon. The title screams "Crocodiles in Dbayeh" (Debayeh being a norther suburb of Beirut mainly on the highway).

The text then reads:

Beirut, (AIC) - Drivers on the highway in Dbayeh*, got stuck in a major traffic jam that lasted way into the night. It seems that hundreds of crocodiles invaded the highway and settled on the ground level of the Bank of Lebanon and Syria building. According to eyewitnesses, they were of many colors and many shapes, including polos, but mostly shirts, pullovers, but also crocodiles on sport coats, jackets, swimsuits and smashing tennis suits, there were also crocodiles on sweaters, sneakers and even shoes. We also know from trusted sources that they have permanently taken residence at the Bank of Syria and Lebanon building and reply to the name of: LACOSTE.

PS: The belong to a race that likes to be tamed"

*The article refers to the French pronunciation of the word

And this ladies and gentlemen is how we do it! The ad above was signed by Emile Achkar - then at Idees et Communication.