Sunday, October 30, 2022

OMT - now sponsoring Beirut Marathon.

Well, OMT is now sponsoring Beirut Marathon. I said it before (here), Lebanese now trust OMT more than they trust banks. Interestingly, usually it was banks that would sponsor the Beirut Marathon - big, fat, Alpha banks. But what's with banks being in taters now it is OMT that is taking their place as the main sponsor of the even. I actually like the ad they are doing - you know "I am Beirut" overlaid on the capital's map. I mean not just they included their logo, but someone did make the effort to come up with an idea. Surely, the yellow thingy is also a direct reference to the brand's colors. Now - I am not sure about the blue in the ad above because I seem to have seen a version with the black "I am Beirut" which is more aligned with OMT. Still, as I said, one cannot but appreciate the effort.