Thursday, October 6, 2022

Bellvie oil - reverse psychology brilliant positioning.

So Bellvie oil has a brilliant new ad (here). Actually the ad is beyond normal - and to be honest sort of surreal - because the amount of food cooked is today beyond the means of the average Lebanese. Sill, this is an ad so it's a make-believe. As I said, there's nothing beyond the "ordinary" in the ad - a family, a gathering, cooking, basic acting and joie de vivre, the voice-over is "OK"... So why am I going on overdrive in the flattering? "Don't just choose me because I am Lebanese" says the tagline!

At a time when every other brand is claiming that it is local, and ergo tries to activate the "patriotic" gene in consumers, and when all of them try to sway people by emphasizing their local roots or what not - a little bit pitifully at times - and most trying to convince people that it is economically more cost-effective to buy "made in Lebanon" when an imported detergent is actually cheaper than its locally produced counterpart (and you get 1 kilo more gratis!). Comes Bellvie with - choose me for my merits and not just my nationality.

Because of course, you'll choose it first and foremost because it's Lebanese! 

Seriously, how more brilliant can a strategy be?