Saturday, October 8, 2022

La Redoute gets a new logo

Do you remember La Redoute? Its very - very - heavy catalog. So much I wish I can find back their brilliant ad "cet ete pour etre a la mode prenez deux kilos" - this year to be fashionable add two kilos (which obviously the weight of their catalog). For a while - that would be the 80s mainly La Redoute was making a killing among the chic ladies in Lebanon, which only adds it to not-very-expensive brands in Europe that are classified as upscale this country (think Benetton, Naf Naf, and Paul - the cheap brasserie that is very well-seen here). 

Apparently the new logo comes with an overhaul of the company objectives - strengthening the market position of the brand, expand its footprint (Netherlands, Germany...), optimize its logistics, and "in order to make La Redoute a community of responsible entrepreneurs, committed to the achievement of the company's vision" according to Philippe Berlan, the CEO of the company. According to their website, La Redoute generated a billion plus business in 2020.