Thursday, August 25, 2022

Tinol paints - coloring by names (and numbers)

Tinol paints has actually got a campaign going. Truth be told I only saw two visuals, so I am not sure how far and wide this goes. But as I said earlier when you can spot a campaign with just 2-3 billboards when - in the heyday - you needed 600 billboards just to be "visible", then you know how far the mighty have fallen.
So - I saw the "purple" and the "orange" iterations of the campaign. Same idea and executions, the "color" in its specific shade with "you name it" underneath. I am speculating that the line was meant to mean "you name it we have it". 
Technically speaking, the ads are not too creative or too out there, but the interesting bit is that you can spot the campaign from a mile with its ample use of white as a background. Actually, I wonder how they'd do the ad for the "white" paint though (usually the most used color!).