Friday, August 26, 2022

Banksy makes it to ABC Verdun

Banksy, the artist who is always walking the edge of consumerism and anti-consumerism, capitalism and anti-capitalism, authority and anti-authority all at once has made it to Lebanon.

Where? In some torn down graffitied hangar? Well, no, think again.

"The world of Banksy - the immersive experience" will open at the Art Space at ABC mall in Verdun. A capitalist mecca is there was one. To be honest, the only info I have comes from this link (here). Which indeed sort of showcases the street artist's "greatest hits".

Mind you, I am not against, I mean last time we saw Kaws statues it was when a bank sponsored them at the Beirut Art Fair right bang before the crash came and toppled everything (Kaws statues included). So voila, Banksy is in Lebanon.

For better or for worse. Apparently shredder not included.