Saturday, August 27, 2022

Sandwich w Noss is - actually not funny

Where does one begin?

Over a canned laughter track "television w noss" has a new video for "sandwich w noss" which is an ad for its "starters" namely its hot chicken wings. The video is entitled "the sound of our crispiness gets to Cyprus" which has nothing to do with the images to begin with. So, the "joke" is that the chicken is so hot that the "director" discretely hands the "presenter" (doing a parody of another show) a bottle of water from under the table (yes, very funny - yawn)

Actually, the copy is meh, the delivery annoying, the concept is - deflating. The only thing pseudo funny is the scroller at the bottom of the TV screen "this sentence is superfluous, why are you still reading?".

Actually, this ad is superfluous, why are you still watching?

At your own risk and peril go here.